Why EPDM Roofing is the Best Choice for your House 

Why EPDM Roofing is the Best Choice for your House 

If you are looking forward to replacing your roof, then the good news is that there are several roofing materials that you can opt for in the market.
Whichever roofing material you choose, you always want to ensure it lasts a lifetime and saves you money on installation costs.
Well, EPDM roofing does all that. In this article, we mention some advantages of EPDM to help you choose the best roofing material for your house.

It reduces the risk of fire

EPDM roofing is fire resistant. That means it cannot catch fire easily. Also, in case of a fire outbreak in your house, it can quickly slow it down and reduce the damage to the building structure. You can have EPDM roofing installed in your house if you want to reduce the risk of fire.


The cost of buying and installing the EPDM roof is low compared to other types of roofing materials. If you want to install a low sloped roof, this will be the best option for you to save tons of money.
Roofing contractors may have different roofing estimates for your house, but using the EPDM limits them to overpricing the contract. Additionally, EPDM is price-conscious and requires minimal maintenance.

It is eco-friendly

EPDM comes in a variety of colors. When you go for the white EPDM roofs, you can be confident of reducing your house heating and cooling costs. White EPDM roof reflects all UV rays reducing heat on the roof. The material is also compatible with solar cell arrays and all types of rooftop gardens.
Apart from its compatibility, the roofing material is made of recyclable materials, which cause the least damage to the environment.

Lasts a lifetime

Another advantage of EPDM roofs is how long it lasts. If you get a professional roofer to install it correctly, you should expect it to last for over two decades. They last longer because they are resistant to hail and wind.
The modern EPDM roofs are made to withstand the harsh UV rays. They are typically impervious to radiation, which makes them last longer than most ordinary roofing materials.

Energy Efficient

EPDM comes in black and white color. Also, they are poly-insulated. The two properties make them more energy efficient. When the temperatures are low, especially during the winter, the EPDM roof can regulate the temperature in the building, removing the need for an A/C.
Also, you can use the desired roof coat on EPDM to make it last longer and more energy-efficient. 
It comes in different thickness ranging from 45-90ml. The thickest EPDM is more energy efficient compared to lighter ones.

Final Thought

When choosing a roofing material, you must consider the many benefits it comes with. While saving some money on roof installation should be your primary concern, you must ensure the roof will last longer and increase value for your investment.
EPDM is one of the best roofing materials you can have for your house if you are looking forward to saving some money on a quality roof.  

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