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J & W Commercial Roofing, LLC provides high quality roofing services for owners of residential and commercial properties in Bloomfield, IN and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business for 9 years. With 40 years of experience, no roofing project can be too tough for us. We have access to the best products and guarantee quality. We use state of art tools and equipment to provide great work. We comply with local, state, and federal legislation for your protection.

Our services include roofing, commercial roofing, roofing repair, roofing installation, flat roofing, flat roofing repair, seamless metal gutter installation, and seamless metal gutter repair. We’re knowledgeable and willing to provide information to customers that can help them make the best decisions regarding their project. We take great pride in having our customers satisfied and happy with work provided. We offer free estimates and affordable and competitive pricing.

Call J & W Commercial Roofing, LLC in Bloomfield, IN now to talk about your roofing services needs with our experts, to schedule an appointment with us as well as to find out more about all of our available services.

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Roof Installation

If you have a flat roofing project coming along, do not hesitate to involve us. At J&W, we are the most reliable roofing company providing premium commercial flat and metal roof installation services.

Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair is often a better solution when your roof is leaking in one or two areas, or a limited number of shingles have been damaged. Not every roof problem requires a full replacement. Call J&W Commercial Roofing Now.

Roof Coatings

We provide a roof coating solutions for various roofing systems using the best quality materials recommended by NRCA. Specific services we offer under this designation include metal roof coating, rubber roof coating, flat roof coating, among many others.

Metal Gutter

For all your seamless metal gutter installation and repair service needs,  For proper drainage of rainwater, we understand that your building should have the best gutter system. Call J&W Commercial roofing.

Roof Maintenance

Are you looking for a reliable commercial roof maintenance company? J&W Commercial Roofing guarantees the safety, longevity, and convenience of your rooftop.


An Experienced Roofing Solution Company

At J&W Company, we deal with professional roof solutions of any type, from metal, plastic, and even ceramics. It is part of our 40-year experience building watertight roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. All our roofing system conform to the NRCA rules and regulations and still fulfill their purposes. We help suggest the best roofing strategies for every building, but let your preferences on it dominate. If you have not tried us yet, then it is high time you do because everyone in Bloomfield and IN is looking for us.

Whether residential or commercial, our services cover all roofing systems from low to steep slope. We always ensure you have the best matching your preferences and the surrounding. Further still on installation, we also install seamless metal gutters for proper rainwater drainage. Here we select quality products and materials for the job and apply the best installation technique for it.

We Don’t Compete, We are simply the Best

Away from installations, our company also deals in quality repair and maintenance of roof and gutters. We have a special team for this. They conduct a quality assessment of all damages, both inside and outside considerations. They then commence with finding the best solution after clearing all the debris from the site. The best solution, in this case, is often one that will offer a guarantee to longevity and efficiency. What follows next is repair commencement.
Now that you will have a proper roof after installation or repair, maintenance comes in. However durable, and impermissible your roof can be, it still needs maintenance as a preventative measure. Some damages occur when we least expect. However, with a quality room maintenance procedure, you stand to see that coming from afar. As for this reason, our company offers professional maintenance help for any residential or commercial roofing system.



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