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Leaks, Puncture, Pooling Water, Blistering? We’ve got this

Not so many roofs last forever, and even those who go close to that at some point needs repair. At J&W commercial roofing, we not only install roofs but mend any faults coming along with their long-term use or improper installations. Most non-competent roofing agents only focus on getting the money rather than offering quality work. However, this is not any of our operation styles. We focus on quality delivered based on our long-term experience.

For either flat or steep slope roofs, we can handles situations repairs calling for;

  • Emergencies, for instance, from lousy weather
  • High level of expertise
  • Rework – in case the contractor did not do a good job.

Standard roof repair services we offer

  • Roof Leaks & Pooling Water
  • Open Seams
  • Shrinkage
  • Punctures
  • Ridging & Splitting
  • Blow Off & Billowing
  • Hail Damage
  • Weathering & Storm Damages

Service Area

Bloomfield, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Louisville KY, Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana

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