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Are you looking for a reliable commercial roof maintenance company? At J&W Commercial Roofing, we are the best, and most recommendable company with over 40 years of experience. We have an expert team for this plus an excellent strategy that ensures we guarantee the safety, longevity, and convenience of your rooftop. Apart from installing and repairing it, we are also good at maintaining your roofing system.
If you own a building property or are in charge of one, you most likely know how costly it can be to build or install one. The time and financial resources that go with it are always a lot, especially for the roofing system you chose and its size. From this point of view, you may now begin to comprehend how essential is it to maintain the one you already have.

Doing so, however, does not only require going to the top occasionally and having a rough view of your roof’s state. In most cases, especially for commercial buildings, you need a professional eye. Remember, many of these buildings have system installation for communication, network, and more essential for the activities inside the building. A poorly laid roof, which pools or does not reflect lots of radiation, may likely be unsuitable for their functionality. As part of our maintenance package, these are vital elements we observe and take action.

Our commercial roof maintenance strategies

At J&W, we install roofs, repair them, and so we know how best to maintain them. It is one of our major expertise areas for the last 40 years. From this long experience, we have gathered the most effective plans we use in certifying the integrity of your building’s roof.

One major plan in this is Inspection. As a company, we have part of our professional crew in-charge of follow-ups at your building. A team of us will conduct a regular and thorough inspection of your roof both from inside and outside. From each observation they make, there is a report written evaluating the status of your roof.

Consistently, we will update you regularly on the condition of your roof. In case it needs more reinforcement or repair, we will all be in charge. Our survey team will assess damages and establish an amicable solution for it.

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