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With any kind of commercial roof system, out of sight out of mind should never be the case. Installing your roof and forgetting all about it can one-time cost you almost as much as you spent during its installation. Those who are building managers or owners might know what this exactly means. A simple way to avoid this other than a constant inspection is by adding a special coating. Our company J&W has no shortage of experts in this.
We provide a coating for various roofing systems using the best quality materials recommended by NRCA. Specific services we offer under this designation include metal roof coating, rubber roof coating, flat roof coating, among many others.
Roof coating is never a waste of resources as some would perceive it but rather a preventative measure. In case you did not know, this process ties along with significant advantages, among which include the following.

  • The coating increases versatility: We always chose the best coating for every substrate. Thus, it helps improve the integrity of the roofing system.
  • Longevity: Proper coating gives your roofing system a 10 to 20-year lifespan extension. The properness, in this case, means a complete seal that makes the roof all watertight.
  • High efficiency: Most of our coating materials are white, and that help helps regulate the building’s temperature. The bright surface reflects away the excess light causing radiation. In this way, it helps protect heat-sensitive HVAC systems installed at the rooftop.

Furthermore, roof coating is one way to show the green credentials of your business or premises.

Types of Roof System Coatings That We Use

Below are the materials we use for roof coating. If you are not familiar with any, do not worry. We will always give you a brief on each and help you select the most appropriate one for your roofing system.


We recommend this elastomeric coating for flat roofs. Its application method involves a sprayer. Silicone reflects light and does not absorb moisture.


Ideally, it was developed to safeguard tabletop edges. Their new use, however, also includes roof coating.

Asphalt Emulsions

These are rubberized, elastomeric roof coatings sealers formulated with asphalt emulsions.


Other naming refer to it as Spray Polyurethane Foam. It is also a liquid polyurethane formulation applied to a roof and expands to create a foam. It is an ideal coat for irregularly shaped rooftops.


These are solvent-based elastomeric polymers material. They form a highly flexible and seamless membrane with great durability features. They expand and contract based on the prevailing temperatures but never breaks or cracks.


This is another coating we apply. It is a liquid elastomeric formulation used in its form and left to dry. Upon drying, it forms an impervious membrane that entirely seals the roof.

Why at J&W we are your best contractor for commercial roofing coating

  • The very many rivalry companies in Bloomfield, IN and the surrounding areas still do not reach our level. With over 40 years of experience, we have all it takes to make the best roof coating project an ultimate success. Our team of experts specializing in different areas believes in giving quality and not just a service.
    Our obligation as a team is always to provide you with the best after we leave your premises. Call us today and get your free quote with us.

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