Gutter Services: 4 Gutter Problems and how to Fix Them 

Gutter Services: 4 Gutter Problems and how to Fix Them 

It is not usual for most gutters to fail because of their simple design. However, when you hire a novice roofer to install your gutters, they are not going to last longer. Here are some of the four common problems that your gutters can have and how you should fix them.


Your gutters can begin sagging or pulling away from the structure holding them. This should be a red flag that you need to fix the gutters because if you delay it, the gutters can destroy the fascia board.
Your gutters may even collapse if there is a broken spike or hanger that holds them together. You should inspect your gutters regularly to find out if there is any missing hardware and fix them immediately.
If the spike holes are spoilt, you should replace them with screw-in-spikes because that last longer.
Lastly, if there is some plant debris and ice melts on your roof, this can also cause sagging of gutters. Climb up on ladders and ensure you clean up all the dirt on the gutters.

Improper pitching

Sometimes your gutters may not have any blockages but still pull water. It happens when your roofer does not pitch the gutters properly. Gutters should have a downspout slope of at least 1/16 inch per foot to ensure the smooth flowing of water.
The slope may not be there anymore if your house has settled, or your roofer forgot to do the gutting installation properly.
Getting the right pitch for your gutters may not be that simple. You should reach out to an expert gutter installer to help you fix the problem.

Leaking gutters

Leaks are common problems with gutters, especially at the joints where two gutter planes intersect. You can easily tell that your gutters have leaks. If you realize that your gutters are not blocked, and some water is still escaping, it means they have developed leaks.
You can buy a sealant and use it to patch all types of leaks on your gutters. However, in case the leaks are resulting from a wholly damaged gutter, then replace the gutter with a new one.

Blocked gutters

If your house is close to some tall trees, then branches and leaves can form debris on the roof and eventually deposit on the gutter, causing a blockage. Also, during the winter, ice melts can block gutters, making it difficult to drain water smoothly.
Once you notice mildew near your house foundation or some watermarks under the gutters, it means that the gutters and downspout are blocked and need some cleaning.
You don’t need an expert to clean your gutters. You can remove the dirt from the gutters and downspout on your own.

Final Thought

Most gutter problems result because of poor installation. While it is possible to install a gutter at home alone, it is always advisable that you reach out to a professional to install the gutter for you.
Gutter replacement experts will advise you on the right gutter material that will last longer and ensure minimal repairs.

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